The fourth PLUREL newsletter

September 2008.



  • Defining region classes with similar characteristics; Wolfgang Loibl, Klaus Steinnocher and Mario Köstl, Austrian Research Centers, ARC systems research
  • Commuting patterns in Rural-Urban Regions; Mika Ristimäki, Ville Helminen and Panu Kontio, SYKE, Finland
  • The power of the public sector to influence land-use changes; Iván Tosics and Antal Gertheis, Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest Kostas Lalenis, University Thessaly, Greece
  • Evocative event: Lounge workshop on landscape and urbanisation; Alexandra Branderhorst, journalist, The Netherlands
    • PLUREL People; Interview with Marcel Houtzager, regional portfolio holder, The Hague Region (the governing body »Stadsgewest Haaglanden«), The Netherlands