8th PLUREL newsletter


January 2011




Sustainable Urban-rural futures - Need for EU policy integration and innovative regional strategies, Kjell Nilsson and Thomas Sick Nielsen, University of Copenhagen


PLUREL Xplorer - the information platform for rural-urban land use relationships, Katharina Fricke (1), Katharina Helming (1), J.-Martin Hecker (1), Jan Peters-Anders (2), Wolfgang Loibl (2); (1) ZALF, Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, Muencheberg, (2) Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna


A stakeholder view on PLUREL. Interview with Marcel Houtzager, The Hague Region, NL; Pam Warhurst, Pennine Prospects, UK; and Tomasz Slawinsk, Mazovian Office for Regional Planning, PL, by Cecil C. Konijnendijk.


PLUREL toolbox, Thomas Sick Nielsen and Kjell Nilsson, University of Copenhagen