Parallel session topics and session numbers:

  •  Urban-rural regions in a globalised world: driving forces on land use change S4; S9
  • Scenarios: futures for rural-urban regions S23 
  • Land-use relationships and the structure of the rural-urban system: European and regional models S5; S10; S21 
  • Rural-urban land use dynamics: impacts on resource demands and utilisation S22; S27 
  • Quality of life and ecosystem services in rural-urban regions S11; S15; S28 
  • Growth management, governance systems, locally adapted strategies. S8; S13; S19; S25; S30
  • Sustainable multifunctional landscapes in peri-urban areas S7; S12 
  • Economic evaluation of policies affecting land use in rural-urban regions S18 
  • Instruments and tools for Sustainability Impact Assessment S6; S26 
  • Sustainable Urban Development in Emerging Economies S17
  • Urban Forestry and Urban Greening in developing countries S24; S29 
  • Remote sensing and GIS for sustainable urban development science S16

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