Keynote presentations

Managing the Urban Rural Interface, Keynote presentations

Tuesday, October 19th

Welcome to the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences
Dr. Erik Bisgaard Madsen
Dean for Research at the Faculty of Life Science, University of Copenhagen, DK

Welcome to the city of Copenhagen - the first CO2 neutral capital in the world
Mr. Hans hr. Karsten, Head of Urban Environment Office, City of Copenhagen, DK

General introduction to the the Integrated Project PLUREL
Dr. Kjell Nilsson, University of Copenhagen, Co-ordinator of PLUREL, funded by the EU 6th Framework Programme, EU/DK

Regional Spatial Policy with a Green Pillar in The Hague Region
The Hague Region – PLUREL case study and member of the PURPLE network
Mr. Marcel Houtzager, Regional Portfolio Holder on Green Policy, Recreation and Tourism
The Hague Region, NL

Integrated approaches for a metropolitan area under hard pressure
Warsaw Region – PLUREL case study and member of the PURPLE network
Mr. Tomasz Slawinski, Head of office for regional planning, Mazovian Province, PL

Urban forestry and nature protection for sustainable urban growth Hangzhou - PLUREL case study region
Youjun He, Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Forestry, CN

A new generation of partnerships as drivers for regional development
Greater Manchester – PLUREL case study region
Mrs. Pamela Warhurst, CBE, Chair of the Board of Forestry Commissioners, UK 


Strategies and tools for urban development and sustainable peri-urban land use relation¬ships (PLUREL)
Dr. Kjell Nilsson & Dr. Thomas Sick Nielsen, respec¬tively Deputy Director and Senior Researcher at the Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning, University of Copenhagen and Coordinator and Project Manager of the PLUREL Integrated Project, DK

Bridging the gap between research and policy making in peri-urban regions
Hilary Lowson, Secretary, Peri-Urban Regions Platform in Europe (PURPLE), EU


FP 7 Project SUME, Sustainable Urban Metabolism for Europe
Dipl.-Ing. Christof Schremmer, Project Co-ordinator of SUME, funded by EU 7th Framework Programme,
Austrian Institute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning, AT

The challenges of sustainable urban development in Europe and its consequences for rural-urban relationships
Mrs. Birgit Georgi, Project Manager - Urban issues, European Environment Agency, EU/DK

Urbanity, rurality, governance and resilience
Professor Bob Evans, Northumbria University, UK 


Thursday, October 21st

Urban futures and rural urban relationships
Architect/project manager Ms. Renske van der Stoep, MVRDV, Rotterdam, NL

The Development Trend of the Rural-Urban Fringe and its Response Pattern of Planning in China
Binyi Liu, Professor, Chairman of Landscape studies department, Director of Landscape Science Research Institute, Tongji University, CN


Increased coordination of urban sustainability research in Europe
June Graham, Project Co-ordinator of URBAN ERANET, Scotland & Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research, UK

URBAN MATRIX: Knowledge transfer among European cities in addressing Sustainable Urban Development
Ms. Jorgina Cuxiart Cardus, EUROCITIES, Co-ordinator of URBAN MATRIX funded by EU 6th Framework Programme & Professor Rob Atkinson, University of the West of England, Academic partner of URBAN MATRIX

The Copenhagen 1948 Finger plan - a comprehensive plan for urban growth, infrastructure and open space
Assoc. Professor Henrik Vejre, University of Copenhagen, DK

SECOA EU Project Solutions for Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Areas

Karl Bruckmeier; Gunilla A. Olsson, Gothenburg University, SE