Work Package 5





Land use change balance calculation at RUR level


This report contains 2 different tasks, serving as preparation tasks for other deliverables. Task 1 refers to the land use change balance at RUR level which refers to the artificial surface area subdivided into urban, peri-urban and rural areas. Task 2 refers to the integration of the land use change simulation within the graphical user interface used for the PLUREL Xplorer. (D5.1.5)



Pan-European integrated Impact Assessment Tool

This report by ZALF describes the European integrated Impact Assessment Tool (iIATEU) which represents an easy accessible and applicable tool for decision support in the context of spatial development politics and planning. The report gives insights into the database as the centrepiece beneath the tools’ surface. The main application principles of the tool, i.e. land use scenarios, regional differentiation and sustainability analysis are comprehensively outlined. (D5.2.1)



Interactive Impact Analysis Tool


This report presents the prototype version of the new integrated Impact Analysis Tool (iIAT). The iIAT is a computerised and web-based assessment tool for evaluating social, economic and environmental impacts of land use change by displaying sustainability spidergrams. It covers two spatial levels: the EU27 and the urban region level. (D5.2.2)



Concept for PLUREL Xplorer


The PLUREL’s result exploration tool PLUREL Xplorer integrates and links the various sub-products of the PLUREL project by revealing causal chain relationships of rural-urban interlinkages. PLUREL Xplorer helps to anticipate the consequences of selected global driving forces and European policies on rural-urban land use types; and analyse how they affect social, economic and environmental goods, services and functionalities of the rural-urban regions. This report develops the concept and outlines criteria for the tool. (D5.3.1a)



PLUREL XPLORER - Information platform for peri-urbanisation based on PLUREL products


This deliverable is the written documentation of the PLUREL Xplorer, which is online available at this PLUREL homepage. The PLUREL Xplorer is an integrative framework for the study of rural-urban interactions. It features all PLUREL activities and products. This deliverable comprises the concept and the integration of all identified products into the Xplorer and the documentation of the technical implementation of the back door (supplier entry, upload system) and the front door (user entry, download system) of the PLUREL Xplorer. (D5.3.2)





The MOLAND-Light is a simplified version of the MOLAND land use modelling software. It is developed as a demonstration tool for the potential of modelling in the policy process. MOLAND-Light demonstrated two main innovations: (1) server-based model running: The MOLAND-Light model runs on the server of the Joint Research Centre in Ispra. (2) generic calibration: the model comes with a generic calibration for all RUR regions in the EU. (D5.5.2)