Work Package 6





PLUREL Newsletters


This deliverable report is a compilation of eight newsletters developed, published and disseminated during the PLUREL project period. (D6.4.2)



Relevance of PLUREL’s results to policies at EU, national, regional and local level

The main aim of this report is to link the PLUREL projects focus and results to policies and policy development at the EU-level, as well as the national and regional level. PLUREL has peri-urban land use relationships as its main focus. This includes analysis of drivers, consequences, policies and scenarios for the future. Even though PLUREL aims for pan-European coverage the principal focus is at the sub-regional level and balance between urban and rural land uses within Rural-Urban Regions. (D6.2.3)


Social sciences in PLUREL

This is a cross-cutting paper as part of the social science coordination of the PLUREL project. It looks at the way the social sciences permeate PLUREL and how the different approaches are used at different levels. (D6.5.1)