The city region of Haaglanden, The Netherlands

This regional authority in the country’s coastal zone comprises nine city councils, including those of the Hague and Delft. Co-operarion within the City Region provides opportunities for coordinated policy in several sectors, one of them being spatial planning. This is important, as the region is densely populated and has to balance, for example, urban and agricultural land use. Water management is another major task. In order to keep the region vital the authorities have to preserve the green open areas with enough quality of landscape and economic dynamics at the same time. How can recreation and cultural heritage enhance these goals? Which strong connections between urban and peri-urban areas can be forged to serve the balance in the region as a whole? These are some of the issues that are important for Haaglanden


Mrs Tsveta Velinova, City Region of Haaglanden: T.Velinova[at]haaglanden.nl


Regional researchers:

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Alterra (www.alterra.wur.nl/UK/),

Judith Westerink (judith.westerink@wur.nl)




Coordinator of PLUREL's research practice cooperation from Alterra in the Netherlands is Ms. Carmen Aalbers: carmen.aalbers@wur.nl

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