Koper region, Slovenia

The Koper region comprises the entire coastal harbour and industrial region of Slovenia. This coastal zone is rapidly developing and urbanising with a mix of harbour industry and tourism activities, leading to land use conflicts. The neighbouring Dragonja Valley is depopulating and agricultural areas are being abandoned. Water scarcity is a major issue in the region as the competition for limited resources intensifies. What should be the answer of the region against fragmentation & depopulation in agrarian areas and how could the region guarantee the quality of life in the urban centres?


Mrs. Tjasa Babic, Municipality of Koper: Tjasa.babic[at]koper.si

Mrs. Ivana Strkalj, Municipality of Koper: Ivana.strkalj[at]koper.si

Mr. Andrej Medved, Director of DOPPS- BirdLife Slovenia: andrej.medved[at]dopps-drustvo.si


Regional researchers:

You might also wish to contact case study researchers from the region:  


University of Ljubjana (www.uni-lj.si/English/english.asp),

Marina Pintar (marina.pintar@bf.uni-lj.si)



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