Montpellier, France

The region of Montpellier in the Mediterranean arc has one of the highest demographic growth rates in France for the last decades. This growth is due to its attractive location and the public policy dynamics. The main trend in recent territorial governance is raising intercommunal cooperation & enhancing local power. As a consequence, the Montpellier region belongs to a new intercommunal association. As the functional urban area of Montpellier is concerned by 5 SCOT the questions are raised how these planning tools will be elaborated and implemented? What will be the impact of these different planning policies and what are the possibilities to enhance public participation in planning and decision making.  


Mr. Jean Paul Gambier, Communauté d'Agglomération de Montpellier, Direction du Foncier et de l'Aménagement Opérationnel: jp.gambier[at]


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