Project organisation


The formal bodies within the administrative structure of the PLUREL project are the Project Management Board, the General Assembly, and the Scientific Co-ordination Team and Project Manager that co-ordinates the project on the everyday level. A Scientific Advisory Group with internationally acknowledged scientist, together with a Board of Stakeholders, supports and comments on progress within the project.


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Project Management Board

The Project Management Board (PMB) consisting of the Co-ordinator and one representative each from the four lead partners, i.e. KU, UFZ, ZALF and Alterra supervises the research work flow, management, and maintains an overview to the project presentation and result dissemination. The members of the Project Management Board are:

General Assembly

All project partners are seated in the General Assembly. The General Assembly meets annually to consider the reports of the Project co-ordinator, the Scientific Co-ordination Team, accounts for the past financial year, and to decide upon changes to the Implementation Plan. Furthermore the General Assembly decides upon matters related to alterations to the Scientific Co-ordination team, the exclusion of parties from the project, alterations of the Consortium Agreement, reviws and assessment process leading to the preparation and approval of the implementation plans, as well as premature completion/termination of the project.



Scientific Co-ordination Team

The Scientific Co-ordination Team (SCT) is made up of the Module Leaders and two independent scientific co-ordinators for social sciences and economy respectively. The Scientific Co-ordination Team will ensure the effective integration between the Modules and the workpackages. They are responsible for quality control and the timely work within the Modules. The independent scientific co-ordinators should address problems and risks encountered, take initiatives and make recommendations to the co-ordinator on decisions concerning revision of strategies, distribution of funding and project management. The members of the Scientific Coordination Team are:


Scientific Advisory Group

The scientific advisory group consists of internationally acknowledged scientists from outside the project.
The group will meet once a year; should be available for consultation by the module leaders and the European commission; and should communicate with the project management on recommendations, additional aspects and priorities. Members of the Scientific Advisory Group are:

Board of Stakeholders

The board of stakeholders is appointed from policy makers at the EU level, professional organizations, NGO´s and/or representatives from the case-study regions. The board of stakeholders will help PLUREL ensure societys valuation of the selection of criteria, indicators, scenarios and the results within PLUREL. The board of stakeholders should meet at least once a year in conjunction with PLUREL meetings. It is the aim to include one 'representative' from each Case study region in the board of stakeholders, however, candidates and membership awaits further discussions with the regional bodies participating in the project.