Reports / deliverables

Public deliverables and other reports of public interest from the PLUREL project are available in full text.

Please choose between the modules below to accesss the deliverables reports. 




Module 1: Driving forces and global trends

Deliverable reports from this module describe the underlying driving forces of, for example, the urbanisation process, as well as other relationships between urban and rural areas. Examples of such driving forces are Europe’s overall economic and technological development, demographic changes, and climate change.



Module 2: Land use relationships in rural-urban Regions

This module translates the general trends into demands on land use, resources and public participation in the interface between rural, peri-urban and urban areas. This includes analysis of different strategies for urban growth (or shrinkage) patterns (compact, sprawling, site-specific and site-adequate).



Module 3: Governance and strategic planning scenarios

Module 3 implements these pressures or demands from Module 2 on a local, urban region level in seven case studies. Different scenarios for urban development are developed in an inclusive way, involving main stakeholders.



Module 4: Sustainability impact assessment

Reports developed as part of this module provide impact assessments with economic, social and environmental methods and indicators.



Module 5: Instruments and tools

This module synthesises the results into a toolkit for planners and user-friendly information, such as input to GEO-compatible databases to support decision-making at European and regional levels. The site-specific and site-adequate conceptual approach as a basis for new strategies is elaborated upon, as are tools to enhance impact assessment.



Module 6: Project management

Deliverables under Module 6 relate to project management and communication activities.