- the information platform for rural-urban land use relationships


It is challenging to plan and control urban development. How might climate change affect land uses in the urban-rural interface? What might be future pressures of peri-urbanisation? How will people value agricultural farming in the rural hinterland? Will there be enough water for growing urban agglomera¬tions? What about biodiversity and ecosystem services? Are there best practice examples for sustainable peri-urbanisation?

Foresight questions like these are addressed by the PLUREL Xplorer, a web-based information platform that condensates and configures the knowledge and various products of PLUREL into a form that supports planning and policy discussions on rural-urban land use interactions at European and regional level. It provides information for planners, practitioners and professionals on processes, problems and places of peri-urbanisation in Europe and its regions.

PLUREL Xplorer’s front door (user entry) features a modular design similar to the apps system. Here, short and illustrated fact sheets guide the user through the knowledge bits. They allow for the im¬mediate download of comprehensive background information in the form of reports, figures, maps or sketches.


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